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There is nothing more precious than children. This familiar saying is a perfect motto for Bambi Day Care Centers. It determines the essence of our care, the daycare rules and everyday care for the little ones.

Every child is a unique world. All of them have their unique skills and talents, which need to be developed to the fullest extent.

All children are different. Parents and all child's caregivers believe that their little one is very talented and a fast learner, and they want their kids to receive wholesome education and skills that are essential for their future.
At Bambi Day Care, as childcare professionals we keep up to date with the latest trends in the field of child development. We firmly believe that each child is a unique person, and development is dependent on many factors.

Therefore our child care programs support the idea that children should have their natural curiosity nurtured through an authentic, integrated, play-based approach.


You are welcome to register for the Bambi Day Care Centers using the forms below.

Pre-K & 3-K for All Registration Forms

Day Care Centers Registration Forms

Alternatively, please download the forms, review them, print out and bring to our office to finalize the registration process.

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Download PDF – Day Care Centers Registration Forms

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